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Present: We don’t know ‘cos it was gift wrapped. Andy, Dave, Becca, Julia, Al

Becca rigged the ladder (after driving to the cave via Bernie’s) and people went down it belayed by me. Then we realised I was supposed to self line without an SRT kit & rigged cows tails from two slings. Then we all got rather lost until we found the way on. No one got stuck in the contortion. People played in the waterfall and we went out to Old Ing. It was boring and rather cold. We got folk wet in the bottomless puddle. Then went on to do Birkwith. Found some cut up logs of the tree type by the entrance and threw them into the stream. Went into the cave, Andy hid from us and appeared behind us after we’d passed him. Found the canal and went diving. Fucking cold and v. wet. Then ran out and got changed and went home via pub.

Odd events:

1) Andy moved mountains (well boulders) with his sump/petrol tank.2) My light didn’t work.3) We didn’t get too pissed.

To be honest, it was rather boring and tedious, after doing the cave ~10 times before, but don’t tell anyone!

Al Cook