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Present: Anthony, Jon, Duncan, Julia, Ellen

After a very pleasant day’s festering, we eventually made it to the “Tafarn ogl Cymraeg Bollocks” (alias the Lamb & Fox) worrying that we might be a bit late. Such worry was misplaced – team 1 emerged at 5.30pm. After some wittering about wet furries and a few cases of Daren Cilau knee of varying severity, team 2 got underground at 6.10pm, with the intention of going to much the same place as team 1, except without all the farting around in the entrance series.

Happy to report that very little had changed about Draenen since the first lot went down: The entrance was still a bit squalid; the bit beyond the roped climb was still BIG; Gilwern passage was still pretty – some of the best moonmilk, helictites and phallictites I’ve seen… which neatly brings me onto the quote of the trip, courtesy of Ms J.M.Bradshaw: [excited voice] “Where’s the willy?” [disappointed voice] “Oh, is that it?”

Mutter, mutter, mutter…

Anthony Day