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Present: Jenny, Al, Betsy, Tony, Natalie, Abi, Anthony

Once upon a time in a far off land, some dragons lived and some caves. Bearing this in mind, we headed off to walk, talk and enjoy a small cake with the cave dwellers, of which we found 4. The first pitch was quite straight forward, I quite liked dangling by a limestone wall, the wiggly piece through to the next pitch was interesting, the start of the second pitch looked narrow. Ah, but the 3rd pitch rebelay and all was nothing compared to the terrifying death defying descent of the 3rd pitch and its deviations which only a few brave souls dared to attempt. These brave souls happened to be off their rockers enough to go down the waterfall to the bottom, until they got to a pitch with no hangers… I on the other hand, being old, wise and sage like, didn’t descend the moist pitch … I, being me, however, did, and it was very wet and very windy so I turned around and went out fast. I’m not old enough to be sensible so I went down and stayed for a long time, in fact I became a deviation, but then I was derigged by Natalie. We all carried on our brave ascent, the less experienced of us experienced a few more difficulties than those with a greater graps of all things rope like. Then we went to the pub and it was warm and chocolaty. We met five sugar packet people with different personalities.

Jenny, Tony, Abi, Elizabeth, Natalie, Anthony, Al