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Present: Jenny, Al, Chris, Martin

Went into Eyam Dale Shaft end, helped somewhat by the subtle use of a ladder.  We discovered that although SRT is the king of access techniques, ladders do give a great deal of assistance, as did sobriety.  Ran around, crawled around, turned left, left and left again up into an active streamway, passing through a load of mine like passages, and, at one point, some rotten wooded pit props that were holding up the roof.  Upstream in the little inlet leads to a very nice upstream duck.  Prettiness is complimented by some boring old stals, mostly small and stumpy, and by the stunning array of garden gnomes (no, really).

Crawled and walked back to nearly the Eyam Dale Shaft and followed in Anthony’s stagger-steps from the night before.  A very quick walk, low stooping walk and a little crawling through a bit of water in places, led us to a pool of pungent yellow liquid, of which we had been forewarned, and signifying the camp of the night before.  A right turn, step over the puddle, lead quickly to the Gin Entrance and glorious outsideness.