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Present: Lots, Trip 1: Adrian, Johnny, Bill, Bec, Dave, Trips 2 and 3: James T, James C, Sian, Natalie, Anthony, Jenny, George, Martin, Katherine

Heute, wir sind in Giant’s Hole gegangen. Es war sehr scheiBe! (Nicht! Es war sehr Schon.) Es war sehr klein. Ich bin nicht sehr klein! Ich bin rausgegangen! Jetzt, Natalie schreiben:
James T

After the 3 deserters turned back, we followed a bloody long meander until there was more and more H2O. It was fun and wet. Got to the bottom and turned back [inaccurate, see later!], only to go through a dreadful sump [it was a duck, not a sump, Jenny] (warning: do not freedive this sump!”). Afterwards there were some pretty bits and some scary bits. When we got out the scene looked like this: [picture of moon and setting sun and lots of sheep]. C’etait tres joli mais beaucoup trop aquatique! Then the sheep started to chase us so we went to the pub.

Mae’r ogaf una udy’r ogaf hwyl iawn, rhwybeth i’r bawb. Ond maehi’n oer iawn pan bydda in mynd adref yr ogaf. Trip dda!

The duck were really good.

Beware of Sheep

They did not go to the bottom, they stopped below the 1st cascade below geology Pot. ACTUALLY there is a duck and a cascade climb and a considerable amount of horizontal passage to THE BOTTOM. The bottom is by correction where the cave meets the water table at a “sump”. Not where you decide “we might miss the dinner so we’ll turn back”.
However DUSA was not disgraced Ade’s crack team (average age > 32) made the bottom due to a “crack of dawn” start.
Ade Greenwood