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Present: Chris, Jenny, Richard, Olly (CUCC)

The day got off to a good start with a short call in at Bernies to purchase some essentials – most notably my new knee pads. Got to the entrance of Rift after a relatively nice grade “Pussy” change outside the waterworks in Masongill. The weather looked OK and so we weren’t too worried about the entrance flooding us to death (well, I was a bit). The entrance had a rather inviting dead sheep skull outside it that made a good toy. A short abseil down the gravity defying entrance got us all to the start of a rather shitty flat out crawl. This lasted for about 15 minutes until we reached an eyehole that needed a little ingenuity to negotiate. After about 10 minutes of crawling I decided that I couldn’t get through head first like Jenny and Olly – mainly cos my stop kept stopping me, despite being on my gear loop not my MR. Careful reorientation made me slip through it like a greasy frog through a drain pipe.

The final pitch was nicely rigged by Olly for us all to descend into the rather impressive main chamber. We wandered along a bit and ended up in “All Fools Passage” via some pretty stals that dangled on our heads. Jenny’s knee started to hurt so we decided to come back, but not before we found the link through to Large Pot.

Richard had a little trouble getting through the eyehole on the way back, as did I. It’s definietly a lot easier though without any srt gear on. Perhaps we should listen to what the guidbooks tell us!