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Present: Pete H, Andy S, Ane A, Dave M, Mssr Leech

I don’t like arsey cavers, especially when they arrive after you and refuse to be civil when you try to negotiate with them. As we had a first time caver with us, I felt it would be impolite to go down first, as we would be slow. Despite our kind actions, they were rude and arrogant, so to avoid losing my temper, I thought it would be best to go elsewhere.

As we were expecting to meet Ralph underground, we had to wait for him to arrive before we made any decisions. In the mean time, Dave got some SRT practice in Rowten entrance.

Decided to go to Ease Gill, but were limited by the serious weather warnings, so we went in Mistral. Met some friendly nice cavers at Dusty Junction, before heading off to Link and back. Tired and wet, we arrived back at Dusty Junction, sat down just in time to meet the same caves on their way out. Both groups accused each other of staying at the junction and not actually going anywhere. After talk of take away and beer, we parted company for a quick trip to Hall of the Mountain King.

Managed to leave a helmet and lamp outside the farm as we were in such a hurry to get to the chineese in Kirby.

Oh, nearly forgot, they were auctioning loads of old crap at the farm to raise money for Red Rose, they also had a raffle, Ralph won some tomato juice and I got a tin of tuna!