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Pool Sink, Part III – The Return of Last Night’s Curry

Present: Princess Julia, Ruler of Jargon, Day the Darklard, Al, of Cowstails, Andy, of Vega, Mart, from planet Zarg, Bec, from Manchester

Travelling at warp speed the superfluous six reached Yorkshire in the blink of a narg’s eyelids. Slowing to cruising speed at Bull Pot farm, many tens of “cars” passed them travelling in the opposite direction – an ill omen? Or was it due to the snow looming in the air and on the ground?

On the first attempt at docking in Bull Pot farm, the Dark Lard’s first rate (but well disguised) star cruiser stuck in errant ice. Al, of Cowstails, rushed to the rescue pushing with all his inhuman might.

Our intrepid explorers then changed into their fighting garments -you never know what strange creatures you will encounter underground – then headed towards the cave.

On route there was much frolicking in white stuff. Al, of Cowstails, made Mart’s (from planet Zarg) helmet wet by putting the white stuff in it.


Caving was wet; Al found Wretched Rabbit before the sink; Al, Bec, Andy and Julia tried to find the way out from the aforementioned wretched route. They gave up and caught the others up just as they were derigging the last pitch (phew, we could hear their cries.)

Oh, and Al of Cowstails took a factor 2 fall onto his cowstails.

Live long and drink real ale.

Martin Honey