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Present: Chris, Chris, Katrina, Martin, Andrew, the other Ben

I noticed that no-one has written up lay-by pot, it was so horrible that I feel it is my duty to warn other misguided fools from entering the muddy sh-1-t hole. Chris R and I rigged the entrance (exit) pitch with a hand-line. It was exceptionally tight in places and we both found it hard going for a supposedly grade two. The ladder pitch was greasy and slimy, much like the rest of the cave. We got passed the cheese grate, explored calcite chamber. We then turned right through a few chambers until the lower passage way sumped. It took us 1/2 an hour to get in and less than 10 minutes to get out. A thoroughly horrible cave made worse by the farm yard material from the backed up sewers, that gave Chris and me scabs all over the top of our hands. To be forewarned is forearmed.

Chris Sheasby (D.U.S.A. Southern Branch)