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Present: Andy, Julia, Al, Katrina

Banana (Dave’s influence again.) – We entered County Pot by the usual route ie the manhole cover and small shaft. Al reckoned he had found a pitch by banging the rocks, after exploration Al found a large hole in the cave off to the left going vertically down; probably Oxford Pot.

Oh yeah, Katrina, Julia and Al all bought cows tail clip things and spent ages farting about with them at Bull Pot Farm.

Descended first pitch and played “pendulums.” Then met some weird who appeared from Lancaster Pot/hole allegedly, who smoked in the cave; now I know I’m going to get lung cancer. Next encountered Poetic Justice. Al made it, Andy made it with much struggling. Julia and Katrina cheated and used a ladder!!!! Did 2nd pitch, farted around in Main Drain, and got wet.

Struggled out of Wretched Rabbit, Andy now realising Poetic Justice had taken a chunk out of his arm, and promptly fell over twice in the stream outside.

Myself and Al derigged in an hour. Andy scared himself shitless by turning his light out while Al derigged the 2nd pitch.

Then came the Marton Arms -> after Julia and Katrina got worried???!

Andy Stone