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Present: Chris R, Katrina, Jon B, Chris S, Julia

Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. We parked by the roadside in lots of mud, in fact it was pretty waterlogged. Changed (brand new furry suit – hurrah!) then short walk. The entrance had been unsuccessfully filled in: we had to climb 6 foot up rocks and concrete, which was nice and wet because some folk had been wandering through the raging torrent of a beck. Can’t remember too much of the cave (heard that before…) It was a sort of diagonal rift with lots of passages to explore, anyway there was a distinct lack of geologists so don’t blame me. There were lots of attractive (see, I didn’t say pretty!) bits. Rigged a 10 foot-ish ladder off an old rusty bolt and climbed down into the underground raging torrent. Found a sump, then continued exploring. Found lots more visually appealing features, but I couldn’t see them properly ‘cos I was using carbide.

The best bit was a random water spout, about 1mm diameter coming horizontally out of the wall. It was ace. Got to a very tight bit, but decided it was too hard for us and went back. Chris R coined a new sport – “cave yoga” – after watching me trying not to go 6 foot down the exit climb head first (even though K + C had already done it.) Then went swimming and sliding down waterfalls. Pushed Jon’s car (Sheasby, Chris + Julia) out of lots of mud, and Sheasby got utterly covered in mud, which amused us alot but not him. HURRAH!

Julia Bradshaw