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C -> WRWR -> C
DUSAAl F.W. CookGwyn Ashcroft
Ellen Shum
DOSAChris RandonTim Hewson
Chris Sheasby
Jen Cose
Heather Mason
Matt Roddis
Suzanne Cohen

Chris & Chris’s Crappy Compton Compound County Caving Club decided to head to Yorkshire, the true home of caving since Mendips caves were pissing us off. After much persuasion 5 Comptonites set off in Bank Holiday traffic. Surprisingly everyone found the Station Inn without too much trouble although Suzanne didn’t arrive until 1am. She was reluctant to say why, until she saw the funny side about driving to the port for the Isle of Man! What is it about Comptonites! The last novice trip CCCC did was in Mendips. Kim’s navigator fell asleep, she drove over the Severn bridge and didn’t turn round until she noticed that the road signs were in WELSH!

There’s not much more to say about C -> WR exchange, it’s been done a thousand times already. Mind you, the main drain was the driest I’ve ever seen it so we headed up to Stop Pot and Straw Chamber. Impressive, but there are only so many straws you can be bothered looking at in one day. All the novices seemed to enjoy their first taste of caving (and possibly their last).

Chris Sheasby