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Present: Julia, “Martin”, Andy, Nink, Susan, James, Alison, Stephen, Craig, Neil

After having waited & waited & waited we eventually got to adventure down the cave. Due to failing abilities within the group we split into 2 groups.

One group scanned the Yorkshire Dales for healthy sheep whilst the others intrepidly endevoured to scale the underworld in a search for freezing lakes.

After extensive training we gallantly descended 30ft (10m) into a freezing inferno of aquatic torment. We waded and then we squeezed, and then waded a bit more, whilst getting deeper and deeper. Due to previous heavy rainfall we avoided drowning by cunningly circumnavigating a large waterfall. Tarzan tactics were utilised in order that we escape from the cave. On repatriation with the spare group we discovered to our dismay that they had not been into a cave but had instead been inspecting sheep!!! Subsequently they were quickly diverted to the nearest underground raging torrent in order to “cool off” after their exciting afternoon with the sheep. So not to disturb, us true cavers went off to the nearest pub, to warm and wait for the others!

The End (nearly)

One day some DUSA cavers,
Who were as brave as Nigel Havers,
They were dim,
So they went for a swim,
Which did their privates no favours.

Stephen Ellen and Alison Seal, with poetry by James Thorne