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Present: Julia, Anthony, Bec, Al, Katie, Dave, Andy, James, Neil

In the beginning, there were shorts. Today, however, there weren’t. Drove to Summer Lodge, parked up, walked up to the cave and went in the entrance that Al knew already. Scrambled and crawled to streamway along a passage that sounded similar to kneewrecker crawl. Walked up a quite well decorated streamway to the boulder choke. Andy and Al found a small passage on the right 3/4 full of water and went in. They then found it didn’t go too far and turned round. All walked back to the column to find the by-pass over the choke. Found it easily and returned to the streamway above choke. Out of the dark a plaque dedicated to some bloke appeared, and we opted for the safe option of going back rather than passing into the unstable area of passage.

Walked out whilst looking for the alternative exit. As we couldn’t, the way out was via the way we went in, which again sounded very similar to kneewrecker passage. Got out, walked back to cars through the stream. In the pub, it was decided that we had actually gone in the ‘alternative’ entrance, not the somewhat easier main entrance.

Al Cook