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Present: Phil, Chris R, Al, Dave (Al’s mate on his first trip ever)

The basics: We went down, got to the bottom, got lost, found ourselves and came out on the “round trip” route.

The problems/details: Pitch – no problems apart from the rigging belonging to the group in front of us. Their lifeline was attached to a Y-hang which was in turn backed up to another Y-hang! I’m all in favour of being safe, but this….?!

Err what else? Oh yes, halfway down the crab walk there is a bit that is tighter than the rest. Dave is quite a big bloke and as such had a bit of a problem here. However the turn of events was something like this.
Al – “It’s easier if you go through the bottom.”
Dave attempts to lie down.
Dave – “I’m stuck. Aargh!” – SPLASH
The image of a cork being removed from a bottle should be considered at this time! And suddenly Dave was through.

We got lost at the bottom until we found some other cavers who showed us the way. Phil still managed to lead everyone past the blindingly obvious way on and ended up climbing up a long and steep inlet that went nowhere!

The Giant’s windpipe. Yuck! This is very similar to Wet Wallows in Link, but it sumps very easily! Don’t take fresher’s through it.

Missed another turning and I found a nice little grotto with a few pretties in, but it’s not worth the crawl. Al found the right way on, but then did his infamous trick of disappearing down a small hole and then discovering he was stuck! Doh! Chris then tried the same trick down the next little hole we passed.

Followed the passage, over a bit of a traverse and then saw the stream again – 50ft below us!!! That is a very frightening free climb down. Don’t take freshers down it.

That’s about it, I think. Oh, Dave ripped the knee of his trousers somewhere near the sump and had to do all the nasty crawly bits on his bare skin! All his skin sort of peeled off…

A good “challenging” trip. Do it! If you’re mad! Like most of us are…

Phil Wharton