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Present: Anthony, Julia, Gwyn, Duncan (Floppy Hat)

After a late start, and some rope washing, we set off. None too steadily, as we were short of a helmet, so Julia bought one. Next problem was the doubtful state of Anthony’s car, which eventually bore us to the parking spot (ask permission from the farm). Having doubts about the angle at which we left the car, we set off up the hill. These Derbyshire style walk ins are a welcome change to miles of yorkshire bog. We found the cave remarkably easily, and opened the lid, to a shaft going straight down, with some attractive ginging – according to Anthony. He started intrepidly down by abseil, until realising that his light did not work. A bit of muttering later, he trotted down the hill to fetch another, as we started down. It was by ow the crack of mid-day. Julia lead down, rigging as she went. The vast majority of the route was on rope, with far too many fiddly bits to slow progress down. Anthony was back in o time, the first bag of rope ran out, and Duncan took the lead, and the cave character changed from man made tunnel through granite, to (enlarged) water formed limestone passage. There was evidence of mining activities everywhere, as neatly stacked deads lining the entrance passage (very muddy), and wooden retaining bars. Progress soon stopped, as Duncan discovered half way down a pitch that the rope ran out, ad that some M8 bolts were needed to rig a deviation. We had none, and looking at the time decided it was prudent to leave anyway. We grunted and cursed our way out, and found a rebelay that was a little tricky on the way up. We were out in daylight, and got changed in a bitterly cold wind. Back to the TSG for slop, and to the Pub, for drinks, and drawing round Duncan’s feet. Duncan + Ant demonstrated their skankiness by drinking beer through a sweaty sock.

Gwyn Ashcroft