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Present: Al, Jenny, Daniel, Rumble ‘the virgin’

Great Day!

Entrance via Manchester Bypass to Stop Pot to Main Drain – Exited via Wretched Rabbit (4 1/2 Hours).

Not verry muddy and the water level was OK considering nationwide flooding two days ago! Jenny continued to mumble about Dragon sitings (eh????) and my pants kept falling down !??!

Really good route with lots of variety (no SRT) but chain ladders, fixed ladders, ropes (where i swrated and pulled my great weight up with the aid of Jenny’s left shoulder and a shove up the bum from Al!) scrambling sliding and wrestling! Met the litter pickers on the way round (so why didn’t they pick Al up????) He, He! Exited the cave to a beautiful moon and twinkling stars on the moor before ‘slop’ served up by James……..who incidentally slept, and ate at Bernies Cafe today instead!!

Excellent day had by all. Daniels really tired and Jenny’s “resting” with a grubby face before driving us back to Durham – after the Bonfire!

“Happy Bonfire Night!”