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Present: Flood: Gwyn, Natalie and Melanie, Bar: Al and Jenny (and then the above)

It was wet and nasty, then we went caving
We went in
We went along
Jenny found a way
which was deep and wrong
Flood’s last pitch was wet
the main chamber was grey
and full of lots of water
nothing rhymes with water
except water, water, water
which is quite descriptive of the cave really. We managed to find the way out of the main chamber to the 2nd biggest chamber but the way to the left was wet and the way to the right exciting and climbing down. Then went to find stream inlet, and found the Mississippi inlet instead. Got to the base of the 2nd pitch, Jenny was brave and heroic and went up first, Al waited and found a Gwyn who was lost. Went up the rope, had to rig a hauling rig and assist Melanie up. Al, Melanie and Natalie then went out quickly and went down to the car to leave the very brave Jenny (and Gwyn) to derig and follow. Then we went home and it was dryer indoors and all was well with the world for a little while.