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Present: Anthony, Jenny, Natalie

Once upon a time, in a far off land (well Yorkshire anyway) there were some caves and some cavers. We were the cavers, Lost Johns was the cave. Anthony and his Dragon car drove us safely to Leck Fell which was nice and sunny. Al had a good day not in any cave, but still in Yorkshire none the less so it counts. I went to Huddersfield, and went to a pub somewhere else in the Midlands. It must have been the Midlands as there was a lot of country between there and Bull Pot Farm ‘specially on a snowy night. Found some odd but nice cavers there and decided to stop with them for tea. Frogs, however, do not live in caves. Frogs are surface dwelling animals. Thats quite odd, because we met a frog in the far sump. Or was it a toad? Jenny refused to swim further, so we returned, meandering our way past beautiful formations which were covered in pine needles and foam from the last flood. We then pottered upstream where Jenny and Natalie messed around in a boulder choke for a bit. I couldn’t be bothered, so I sat in solitary contemplation of the prussick out to come (via Centipede Route, previously rigged by yours truly with a minimum of wittering about the charms of Battleaxe) Obviously Anthony was brave and heroic on the way down, and I was for the way out – well the bottom half anyway – up the final pitch and easy traverse then the Vallahala pitch to a somewhat more exciting traverse (Battleaxe). Then we met up and Natalie became the brave and heroic one and started to derig humbley, having been impressed by Jenny’s ability to derig 40m pitches without cowstails and then do horrible traverses with long legs etc. We exited the cave without any problems, got changed at the car (Jenny managing to complete the shreading of her caving suits began last month), and attempted to drive to BPF which proved to be easier said than done. After a bit of pushing, shoving and sliding my car ended up elegantly parked in a ditch and we had to walk the last two miles.

The End.

Jenny, Al, Natalie, Anthony