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Present: James, George, Chris

This was trully a magnificent trip which will hopefully inspire James to write a trip report, including the awsome – ‘Taming of the sump’.


Althought not James, I will also vouch for the wonderfullness of this trip. There was a large selection of wet in which to dive, all of it being completely freezing cold. Not being too keen to believe that the water in Dow Cave was any colder than any of the other caves I’d been in (with the exception of doing Swildon’s in meltwater & snow), I poo pooed it. This was quite obviously a mistake as it is absolutely freezing cold in there! After deciding the way on wasn’t up the rather exposed climb via tat, we pondered on whether or not the awkward and dangerous looking squeeze above the sump would provide a good alternative. James decided not and braved the (after much pussying) dive. We watched over the top of the rock arch that made the sump and laughed until we nearly died at James’s horrific screaming about how cold it was. After promising James we would definietly come through if he went me and George high-tailed it out of there with a rather blue looking Eduardo Carlisle. On the way out James lost all co-ordination and stumbled in the river. We laughed at him and told him it was his own fault for being silly. Luckily the sleet and snow had stopped when we got changed so it was a reasonable grade change. George however decided that he was too shy to get changed and buggered off down the road so no one would see him (we have other ideas as both me and James had noticed the way he had been eyeing up a certain ewe on the way in to Dow).

A good trip that definitely needs to be done from Providence end as a through trip. Not for freshers.