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Left on time, miracle. 2 cars – Al’s puffy mincy faggoty Ford Focus (gee) and The Mighty All Powerful DUSA Van filled with Gin and Cavers. Light snowfall, no real worries. 1.5 litres of Makro VALUE gin on board. Mostly polished off by John, Ian, Chris and Dave. Although Ralph (driving) had about half a pint! Ian very much worse for wear when we arrived at the Station Inn. Fell asleep within half an hour, had 2 pints, put to bed. Tragic.

Dave pushed Ian out of the van whilst Ralph was turning donuts. He was not injured.

Saturday – up early, greasy breakfast (or, more appropriately, scrumptious, delightful and satisfying in every way – Ed.). Went for a walk and found a frozen pond. John Redhead decided to jump on the ice. He fell in. Right up to his middle.   Chris