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Present: George N, Chris F, Ian W, Johnnie P, Bill S, Katherine-from-Derry

Drove to valley and changed, met many other caver and cars full of Dusa/Dosa members. Fairly stomped up the hillside. Weather absolutely beautiful with loads of sunshine and snow, photo taken at cave entrance. The cave was a very nice one with lots of stooping, walking, crawling, stooping, stooping and walking broken by short pitches. Around ten pitches in all, gradually increasing in size until the penultimate pitch of 30m or so, which is preceded immediately by a slot. Johnnie had difficulty due to his manly build; around an hour expended in getting him through (involving climbing, hauling, pushing and lashings of nakedness by the man himself). For those of us at the top, it was fabulous to listen to the eruption of laughter from those at the bottom upon their discovering a mostly naked caver descending towards them! After this ordeal we congregated at the bottom and ate a picnic of Oak Smoked Ham and Edam sandwiches, Mackerel in Tomato sauce, Pork Pies and Snickers bars; wonderful! Easy going followed and we were soon at the master cave, which I found to be rather large and impressive. Various ascension techniques were employed to gain the height of the pitch and we were soon at the top. Romping ensued and the Valley Entrance / Exit was a pleasure to see [and in daylight too!!]. A mild change (involving breeze drying – the best kind) and a short drive got us to the pub fairly quickly! Much drunkenness followed in the pub.