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Present: Al C, Ian W, James C

This trip we intended to do Low Douk Cave, but it wasn’t to be. We set off not-too-late, and we had a very interesting trip in the motor car into and over the Dales in the snow. Cue wheelspins, handbrake turns and other amusing antics and several hair-raising bits. This was followed by more fun and frolics until we eventually reached Ingleton. Since leaving the motorway the snow hadn’t stopped falling. We met James in Inglesport, only forty-five minutes late, and we ate warming soups and breakfasts before turning our attentions to the forthcoming cave and whether or not the motor would make it up the hill or not. We decided against it and went over to find a little hole in East Morecambe; badgers would be involved. Probably angry badgers, and spiders too. Much, much wandering around (trying to find Hazel Groves Cave) in the deep, fluffy snow found us a muddy hole in the rock outcrop by the side of the road – this was Brackenthwaite Cave. It was short and sweet! With that to whet our appetites, we wanted to wet our bodies… [Cue Hale Moss, and a sump!]

Hale Moss Cave was one of the best I’ve done, and certainly very much fun. Lots of crawling leads to wetter crawling, a beautiful duck and a couple of sumps. Change in the road (very chilly), the sixty second snow challenge (very very chilly); lets get off to the pub, eh?! More driving in the snow followed and then a few drinks and a game of pool in the warm pub. Luxury.

Ian W