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Present: Ian-Two, Hannah B, Chris M, Ian-One (Chris’s College Friend)

This trip is, I feel, best described by a short transcript of the conversation between Ian and Pete H, upon the return of the former to college.

Pete:     Alright, Ian.
Ian:       Hello Pete.
Pete:     How was the cave?
Ian:       …
Pete:     Was it extreme?
Ian:       Monumental.

The trip had been dogged by lack of rope, you see, and also Ian-One had made more than a little difficulty for himself in the rift and exited early. In the main it was these two factors that led to the trip taking near on seven and a half hours. We did, however, bottom the cave in spite of the difficulties and all present agreed that it was a very rewarding and satisfying outing. Rowten Pot provides a memorable trip still!