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Present: Ian, John, Al, Pete, Bex, Steph, Zara, Holly, Frances, Vicky, Alex D, Alex S, James, Messrs. Carlisle and North

Trip phrase: Bex, to John, “You look really at home in a cave.”

First time down a cave since 1998 + found it pretty cool.   Loved the splashy-splashy water bit, was pretty. Not such a fan of crawling in the freezing water… Think I’ll be coming back!   Cheers guys. 8.5/10 Bex

Never thought I’d have so much fun crawling around underground in cold water wearing a gimp suit and a pair of marigolds.   I’ll be back. 8/10 JC

My first time caving, it was great fun. F600; Yeah it was rather wet but enjoyable and stuff… thanxs! 8.5/10 Frances

Brrrrr! I’m cold – but glad I did it. F600; I may be back… 8/10 Steph

First time properly caving; enjoyed it more than I thought I would! Also the first time I haven’t cared about getting my boots full of water! 10/10 Vicky

Had a great time. Absolutely hilarious. “Mmm… mud.” 9/10 Hol Xx

First time caving, wasn’t sure what to expect but I loved it despite it being extremely cold, muddy and wet! I’ll definitely be back! 8/10 Alex

First time caving – not quite sure what to what to expect.   The water was bloody freezing.   Good fun; I’ll probably come back. 9/10 Alex

I like mud! Mud art was especially fun. Giggled right from climbing down tunnel until nearly exposing myself to many boys; bit of an error. Got stuck in wellies, enough said. 9/10!! Zara xxx

Saw another cave fish. 9/10 Pete

Trip of awesome phafflessness; all went well. 9/10 Ian

This trip immensely smooth – from the hire of the mighty bus to closing drinks in the sunshine. Stonking. Makes me very happy. 10/10 John

Says Al, “… tedious and well trodden. But still good fun, yeah.” 7/10 Al

I was here. Mssr Carlisle

Good trip. Mssr George