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Present: Al C, John R, Hannah B, Ian W, Pete H, Alex D, Alex S, Zara C, James C, Leon W, Martin H, Mssr Carlisle

Trip quote: James: “Spank me, Ian, spank me!”
Also uttered: Pete:   “Do the Chinese have fireworks?”

The following was written by Hannah upon return to Durham. Poor sentence structure probably down to residual drunkenness.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH! I will never be the same again! Bull Pot Farm has warped me!

For those who didn’t go, or for those who missed bits, what follows is a brief pre-trip report sneak preview!

Relatively faff free. Station inn amazing but arsey new landlord. Ian drunk on arrival. James quick to follow, wore mars bar packet as bonnet for whole night and told me I looked like his grandma. Fireworks. Caving through beam. Caving round kitchen floor. Floor cleaner on Ian. Mmmmmm. Bleachy. Ian vaguely blinded. Other things. Ian steals Zara’s bed.

Totally fafftastic morning. Caving trip good. Bull Pot Farm followed. Stew with Herbs. Ian and Al totally wasted and throwing up lots. John, Hannah and Zara feeling responsible for them initially, then John and Hannah bugger off and laugh hysterically for remainder of night and are also very drunk. Raid kitchen and eat left over food from other people. Make a mess and make fun of people with stupid laugh.

Fireworks are fired at van and dinner plates which are taped to fireworks result in hole in car window. Baubles enhance explosive properties. Pete launches rockets from mouth. Sooty.

Hannah asleep very briefly on chairs, bloke tries to shave her eyebrows off and she kicks him. He goes away. Hannah looks in van and sees it is full, decides not to bother with sleep and spends whole night drinking with oldies in members kitchen. Mmmmmm. Cherry ethanol….


Aaaaanyway. Awesome. Lets go again!!!

I forgot to add that having drunk just enough to be nice and tipsy on Friday night I got really awful cramp in my calves at some point during the night and had issues walking for most of the morning.

I can’t quite believe how awesome it was. I really didn’t think it was going to be quite as much fun as it was. And I can’t believe I didn’t go to bed…

Ian writes: We had a smashing time in the Dales, as ever we do. Cave-wise we did County Pot to Wretched Rabbit, which was a fair trip, especially so given the large group of cavers. A good easy trip, just right for a boozy weekend away. I liked the climbs out of Wretched Rabbit. I liked Wretched Rabbit in general, really. We didn’t get underground until around three in the afternoon, so a short trip meant we could get back in time to eat and blow things up!!