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Present: John R, Ian W, Alex D, James Colville

Trip quote: I ache, I’m broke, I’m in pain, but I have an enormous feeling of satisfaction.

Bull Pot was ace. We managed to get underground in the morning. John rigged well; James and Alex managed well with prompting; Ian was there too. I loved the nice sculpted pitches; lots of variety. We got as far as head of fifth pitch. Whilst we were eating our scooby-snacks at the bottom of the fourth pitch the waters rose noticeably (–>> bottom of fourth pitch not the place to be). We didn’t quite get out in the light as Ian suggested, nor in the dark as James thought, but in twilight. Had a cold wet change in the valley and a pint in the Marton arms. Noticed the hot radiatior, the twenty hand pulled ales and the three hundred and sixty one whiskeys. Also stopped for fish and chips in Inglenook, yummy food at great prices. Were back in durham within 11 ½ hours. A minimal phaff trip.

Ian W