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Present: Al C, Richard (Al’s friend), Hannah B, Jake Carpenter (Hannah’s friend)

Quote of the trip: ?

A fab journey to Kettlewell in an ex- riot van!! Met Al and Richard and drove to little hut (Note: would make superb DUSA caving hut… if the roof was entire… and it if wasn’t full of washing machines) at Park Rash. Struggled into many layers of clothing (Note: More required next time) and strolled along stream up valley towards Dow Entrance. Not too wet but pretty darn cold. Had fun romping through Dow. Al had a brief look into Hobson’s Choice and declared it looked “Fine to me!”. Back to entrance to Dowbergill Passage (tube-like indeed as suggested in Northern Caves) and into canal. Very cold! Some narrow bits and a drop down into stream, then came to Buddhist’s Temple – a beautiful flowstone formation in aven. Shortly after followed either a sump or a very exposed climb. Al managed the climb but it was agreed that neither was a particularly favourable option. Given that Al had some difficulty in the climb it would have caused problems for those not so long in the limb, or those sporting MC Hammer style oversuits. Turned round. Found crawl blocked by glutinous mud. Exited pretty satisfied with first attempt at DGP J – Hannah.

PS: Richard’s “waterproof” trousers suffered catastrophic failure, exposing a full leg and half arse to the frigid water. Should also be noted remnants of trousers formed an interesting “hydro-sail” whilst walking. – Rich.

An exciting trip across the Dales in the rear of the riot van to Sleets Gill. Quick run up the hill to gape at the amazing 45° scree slope entrance. Scrambled down on backs, surfing on front and scrabbling head first into low crawl to amazing 4m x 4m arch shaped passage reasonably well decorated with gour pools, stals and bosses. Lots and lots of slippery mud banks on the floor, and mud on roof and walls making for a terrifying ‘we shouldn’t be in this cave, which is obviously a sump’ moment. Saw Hydrophobia Passage on left of the big passage. Got to end of passage, turned back and had a look at the permanent sump, horrible. Clambered out the scree slope for a ride back in the van. Quick change in a beautiful view of the sunset.

A pleasant few pints in the Blue Bell, Kettlewell – great pub, but costly food, before driving back home via Richmond, almost running down a couple of dogs on the way before rescuing them and dropping them off to some bloke in a car. Hannah’s dog apparently being more greasy than Richard’s. Luckily neither chose to make toilet in the car.

All in all a fantastic day with two new caves and a new pub!

Note to DUSA: DUSA must acquire riot van…

Note 2: Soundtrack in riot van to be provided by “The Levellers”.