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Present: Al C, Kev Robson (1st DUSA trip), Ian W

A trip to see some of the bits of Link Pot we’d heretofore overlooked. From the entrance we made our way to the top of Echo Aven. Al didn’t like the boulder choke, Ian loved it. Thence to the top of the Serendipity pitches (too wet to do). Highly enjoyable caving getting there; notably not as muddy as expected. Nice traverse and bold step into Tiger Inlet. Ian ate a mars bar and a whole packet of jelly; wasn’t sick as expected. Took 20mins to get back to Black Holes Chamber. Al exited via Link Pot to derig, Ian and Kev went on a jolly to Misral, out in 25mins. Very enjoyable, 9/10. Next time will descend Echo Aven and have a looksie at the route through to Lancs.