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Present: Al C, James C, Alex D, Ane Appelt, Peter Bayly, Manny Chao, Andrew Woollard, Mssr Leech

Three awesome caves in one day!!! Headed off to Yorkshire sorta late and had a quick breakfast in Ingleton before driving to the first cave. Quick first cave in and out, it was dark, it was fun!!! Confusions, abrasions and ? galore!!! The second cave was a disaster before even getting in; spent half an hour looking for the entrance – met two crazy divers…diving.

High were our spirits though our legs and wellies began to drag like leaden weights as we made our way back to our original destination where we had sighted other groups causing us to turn back in dismay. This time the way was clear and we lowered a dentil floss ladder into the entrance.

As we made our way into the dark dank depths we came to a dead end suitable only for water snakes, back tracking we took a second path before finding our way blocked by a dead end. Thus like a criminal returning to the scene of a crime we took the first passage again, exploring a passage designed to squeeze the air out of our very lungs.

However, crazy people (aka the more experienced members of the club) assured us that there was a way through, and a lot of wriggling and a few almost-blackouts later, we came through. That marked the hardest part of the trip and we had only a climb next to a truly amazing waterfall left. After changing and drying, we strengthened our spirits in The Station Inn in Ribblehead before heading back to Durham.

Now sitting in a cosy pub, totally spent… happy days! Looking forward to the next caving trip, for sure! NB: Still sotally tober!! No drain bamage!