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Present: Hannah B, Ian W, Ian Ackerley, Mssr North     vs     Pete H, Tom M, Richard Slater, Andrew Sutton.

Figure 1: Tom, Andrew and Pete

Figure 2: The Two Ians

For ease, we did the same trip as yesterday’s bunch. Pete’s car met George in Ingleton where they had breakfast and bought shiny. Then they drove to Horton, where Hannah’s car had taken tea in The Crown. The little lane to the caves was taken at speed and we were soon parked up and changed. Ian went ahead to rig the ladder in Calf Holes.

Team Hannah went in the top; Team Pete in the bottom – we met at the contortion. Everyone seems to have had an enjoyable time, meeting up again at the top entrance. We left the rigging gear by the cars and parted into groups again to explore Old Ing and Birkwith, swapping over again so everyone got to see everything. Satisfied at a good trip, we changed relatively switly and headed to The Station for a pint.

Pete’s car set off at around five o’clock to get Richard back in time (or Back in Time?). Hannah’s car spent a little longer at The Station and had fast-food in Richmond.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The dive line in Old Ing isn’t secured to the airbell between the sumps.