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Present: Ian W, Han B, Klara Capova, Mssr Leech

My first trip with British cavers. It was a beautiful day – weather, landscape, caves, splendid breakfast. I really do like your caves but it makes me envious! And I really missed my oversuit. It made me happy to meet experienced cavers, I was happy to survive the Lancaster Hole and had the best cup of coffee ever. Diky!


We ran two trips this weekend so that Klara could join us. With her having practiced SRT in the gym only once, SRT was spurned in favour of the ladders (hurray!). We decided on a relatively straightforward (and flood-safe) trip – County Pot to Lancaster Hole via Manchester Bypass and the High Level route. It was utterly brill, and the climb out was fabulous.


“I hate ladders. Never again.”