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Present: Pete H, James Catley, Alex S, Papi T, Lucy Hall (ULSA)

An early start, and a beautiful day. Drove to Ribblehead station in the sunshine, to meet Lucy, with time for a quick walk to the viaduct before the train arrived. The obligatory breakfast at Inglesport followed before heading to the farm and Ease Gill. A disappointing lack of wrong turns and mistakes saw the group at dusty junction less than 40 minutes after leaving the surface, so it was decided to head to Hall of the Mountain King to play in the mud. The streamway was followed from the bottom of the mud slide and the wonders of vertical drilling were enjoyed. One such hole was deep enough to completely submerge a caver, so all went under for as long as possible. Alex won with 15 seconds. Returned to the farm for a pleasant indoor change. Went back to Leeds for pizza at Lucy’s house. Arrived home late.