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Present: Pete H, Ali A, Andy S, Papi T

The plan was to do Swinsto, but judging by the amount of water in Kingsdale beck the plan was changed to Simpsons to reduce the risk of drowning. A quick and uneventful pull-through descent brought the party to Slit Pot. Ali squeezed through first with some difficulty, Andy was to follow. 15 minutes later Andy was still stuck, and had managed to damn the copious amounts of water, raising the level of water quite significantly. Eventually he was pulled back, allowing the build up of water to crash downwards. All this time, communications with Ali were impossible due to the noise of the water, so Papi descended next to update him on the situation, after another failed attempt at Slit Pot Andy had to take the high level route above the squeeze. Pete followed down last, exploiting the benefits of his rack, using both ends of the rope. This allowed the knots to be removed from the pull-through set up, greatly easing the pulling down part.

Valley was in flood, so the log flume approach was taken for the exit.