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Present: Pete H, Andy S, Ane A, James Catley

After last weeks dissapointment, we decided to leave really early, aiming to be at Inglesport as it opened.

Pete overslept…

James overslept…

Still, we managed to leave by 7.30 and were breakfasted and underground by 10.30. An easy trip down brought us to the sump, in time to see lights and voices above us, despite all our efforts, we still had to share the cave. The other cavers rigged (pretty badly I might add) over the top of our gear, and we passed each other on the main pitch. Still full of cave energy, we set off to try and find the rumoured link through to Jingling.

We found the passage, but the flat out crawl in eight inches of muddy water soon encouraged us to turn around and play elsewhere, which we did. After we’d explored as much as we could, we headed out, once again with the cave to ourselves.

Everyone had a go at de-rigging a section and I think all learnt a thing or two, especially Andy who managed to tie himself up in the divers ropes!

As we were preparing to leave, after a grade 1 change, Phil Underwood appeared off the hillside, returning from Rowten. He informed us that the helmet and light that had been left outside the farm had been put inside and were still there.

The Marton looked too busy, so we got a chinese in Kirby, after a quick stop at the farm to collect the helmet etc.