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Present: Ben, Jack, Jonathan, Nasir, Annie

(Present: Ben Woodhead, Jack Sherlock, Jonathan Lester, Nasir Bawa, Annie Li)

After a hair-raising journey that involved playing Jerusalem across Lake Windermere on the ferry, the 5 of us made it to Coniston. Jono promised he knew where the adit was and promptly led us up more hills than DUHWS before we found the entrance. We’d been warned by our fellow DUSA members that you’d have to be crazy to go in these copper mines, and, after seeing the huge drops and very dodgy wooden flooring/ladders, we thought they were probably right.

The Hospital Levels further down the hill were more promising and very pretty. There were some fantastic bits crossing chasms on planks, although by far the scariest thing was the ghost following behind us. (There were genuinely footsteps but no one to be seen). Without our gas detector we had to turn around after a while but it was a fantastic trip nonetheless. We’ve since found out that the through trip is okay, so Coniston has definitely not seen the last of DUSA.

– Ben Woodhead (Trip Sec)