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Present: Bec, Dave, Andrew, Andy, Susan, Michael (surface liaison officer)

After spending a night in the swanky Cerberus hut we sped off to Manor Farm cave full of enthusiasm and “get up and go” (honest). After paying a small boy for services rendered we skipped off to the pitch head with a spring in our step. We went down the pitch in formation (Susan balancing monkeys on her shoulders.) Throwing each other in the air and practicing our triple cambo double back flips as we proceeded we reached the top of the rift. Andy and Susan stayed to perfect their unbelievable trick with three camels and a badger, and me, Bec and Andrew hopped and skipped into the inner depths of the cave. We went down the rift ten at a time with help from the Albanian dancing goldfish and galloped down the cave pushing each other through squeezes lubricated by the excitement of our little adventure.

We found some pretty bits at the bottom and some more nasty climby bits which Andrew free climbed and Bec and me used the help of the remaining Albanian goldfish and their friends the Australian mongooses.

We scampered up the pitches singing the jolly melodies we sang in the orphanage. The evil cows tried to kill us with their deadly biological weapons as we got off the top of the top pitch, but we managed to dodge them. We went back to the car where we got changed and Andrew showed us his shiny sexy pants (soon to be released on the Bango dance label.) Old Mother Bec tucked us into our cosy beds and read us a story about flowery meadows and fluffy kittens. We slept well that night.

Dave Gelsthorpe