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Present: Jon Barber, Anthony, Julia, Chris S, Kim, Ben, Terry

Terry and I decided to go and rig the cave while the others got changed. We walked to GB and forgot to take the key so had to walk back to the cars and start again (twice).

The first pitch was fine, down a few concrete tubes. The second pitch turned out to be a climb as there was nowhere to fasten a ladder. We then crawled, walked, stumbled down through the cave until we found the final pitch. The initimidating 10ft drop was difficult to rig. We had no more slings and so used the rope to make a belay for the ladder. Unfortunately this meant the rope was not long enough, so no lifeline to keep us safe. Everyone climbed down and out with no trouble using the ladder aid.

Found our way to the sump and tried to find the chamber. We then sat down for a while to allow the novices to get past the pitches. They raced out while we got lost 3 times and then waited at the entrance for us to catch them up.

A fun cave, 130m deep and it only took us 4 hours.

Jon Barber