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Present: Anthony, Julia, John P (CUCC)

Finally went caving after a weekend of drinking bier in Yorkshire. Faffed at BPF packing rope, tipping out Anthony’s boot, then drove to Horton and waited for the rain to stop.

After a longish walk up Pen-y-ghent we found the cave no problem. The crawl is not flat out, only hands and knees (even for tall people) then stomp along the canyon for a bit ’til the first pitch. Most pleased to find that it was P-bolted so I set off rigging. Down a couple of metres to a window, swing into it to a relatively blank traverse along one wall. It was actually quite good fun. Waited for John to pass the (sort of) rebelay then abbed down the pitch.

Only a short way to the next pitch which was scary. Very. Traverse along to a squeeze out to a “very exposed” (you’re not kidding) stance above the pitch head. The deviation was necessary to avoid water, but I was so freaked by that point that it was rigged too slack. Luckily there was hardly any water, and we weren’t going any further.

John abbed down, then prussiked back up, whilst I sat and shivered and dozed off. Actually, before John went up, Anthony adjusted my rigging which whilst safe made it impossible for the pitch to be exited. Prussiked up halucinating a bit, and had a pants time getting off the pitch head. And that was that. Adam (Cooper) had said he’d derig, so we could run away. Met Adam and Erin-the-keen on the way out, they ended up being not so keen and just pulled the ropes out, neither of them bottoming the cave. Out and stomped down the hill to lots of expo bullshit. Magic.

Julia Bradshaw