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Present: Julia, Jenny, (ladies first), Anthony, Andrew, Tom

First of all, stupid girly pink car! It broke down at 12:30am and we had to walk up half of the hill. Got up at 8:30 and had breakfast. Left at 9:30 (Julia and me) to walk to train station to pick up Andrew. (12 miles). Arrived there 12:30pm (Andrew got there at 10:20, so just 2 h late!) got on bus (took 55 minutes for 6 miles!) had another walk for ~ 6 miles to get to hut. Finally arrived at hut at 3:30pm had some small talk. Started drinking!! CCCC joined us (they drink wine!! Disgraceful!!) still drinking… be continued

Tom Wolframm

A more rational report

My car made a very good effort in getting us to Wales – it did 299.5 miles but sadly being over loaded by too many people and too many tins of beer, it didn’t make the last 1/2 mile – obviously insignificant in the overall distance!

The driveshaft got broken so 1st and 2nd gear wouldn’t work, but reverse gear did – not quite so useful! However it did earn me a ride in a police car (the 1st time!) and an AA van. I think Tom should be more grateful ‘cos next time he will have to walk all the way not just 20 miles!

Jenny Black

Phone messages

Sent to my (Jenny) phone by Andrew Webber who was (guess what!) at Abergaveney train station:
10:32 Ah, Hello, um, this is um… Andrew here, Andrew Webber. I have just arrived at Abergavany um train station… just to let you know…
10:56 Ah Hello, this is um Andrew ah…Webber here I am at um Abergavany um train station here um.. the number actually um actually at the train station is 018738525440 um that is the call box just outside…
11:48 no message left.