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Present: Al, Chris R., Chris S., Adam, Chris S.’s lady friend Suzanne

Got up ate out of a pan, got kitted up before 10:00, walked to Link, looked at it, went down Mistral. Didn’t find Gour Hall found Hall of the Dammed Bypass.

The Dammed, which is a little loose, went to HOTMC. Got down and dirty, went into Streamway, got wet and cleaner. Got to Cigalere inlet and it was wet. Climbed up 2 waterfalls (except C and S who set off out) Phil (who was also there) wussed and we agreed. Climbed out, got muddy again walked to B.P.F. Showered in cold water went to Sedburgh. Al remembered his mobile no. for once. Drank, ate and got told off for thieving toast (and lime pickle)

Love and Hugs, Al