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Present: Al, Jenny

When choosing times to go csaving, don’t consult Jenny, as she doesn’t understand tiredness or being sensible. This time we met at Mary’s, had some delicious vegetarian food cooked in readiness for an early start, and then got caught up in people in ballgowns. Escaped and went to Collingwood to find another Tom, only to get caught up in more people in ballgowns and tux’s. By this time we were feeling rather underdressed and left Durham!

Jenny didn’t crash the car, which behaved rather well considering its last two outings. Arrived, got changed in front of some foreigners and started the walk in, passing numerous savage dogs. Found Moking Pot quite easily and rigged off some dubious metal bits and a lump of wood, and began to descend. Oldham light cables aren’t designed as emergency hanging off bits of rock devices and mine objected.

Ran around inside a bit, crawled a bit, looked at some pretty bits which were duly photographed and found, amongst a lot of dead-ends, the top of the narrow wet crawl, baulked and ran away. De-rigged and walked to Moking Hurth entrance.

Found the nice entrance, now running on my last backup light, and generally went through the cave. Found the other end of the low, wet crawl, which Jenny generously offered to pass through on the off-chance that it would be passable. Then she saw round the corner and invited me to try instead. How kind!

We made our way out through the other exit, which gave off bad vibes. We got out at about 12.30am, Teesdale mean time, to the lovely glow of Teesside and lights of upper Teesdale cities and sprawling metropolii. Drove to High Force for a nice strong coffee to stop us falling asleep and got back late.

Far better than going to the pub on a Thursday, but more tiring.