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Present: Al, Jenny

Al: We could do Calf Holes, it’s easy, you walk into the cave, go along a bedding plane down a hole to another bedding plane, then you come out.
Jenny: Is that all?
Al: I think so. Oh maybe there’s something to do with a pitch and a waterfall maybe.
Jenny: Maybe we should get some sleep first. I’ve been awake for 30 hours I think.

Then we went caving and were more competent than the others there. We SRT’ed the 11m pitch (!!). We used the 11m rope from Pussy pitch so it wouldn’t feel left out and get bullied, this worked out well because the pitched turned out to be 11m long. Then we found some sumps and then the right route through the cave. It took an hour and I thought the cave was good. We didn’t find any dragons, but there was some dragon slime at the exit.

Jenny Black