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Present: Al (the Earl), Rob (the Axe Murderer), Mel (???tba), Hannah (Numpty)

Weather: CRAP
Morale: High until encountering stone hinderance on road
Car: Fast then slow then crunch then wheel change – oops
Cave: Serves good beer. Warm, dry, has pool table.

Drove speedily to cave, bacon butties and cheese toasties acquired at Kettlewell. Waiter not wearing an apron or a leopard skin thong, much to Hannah’s dissapointment.

Continued up road towards cave. On coming traffic in middle of road forced us to detour up the stone wall causing a destroyed wheel, and some cosmetic damage to the front wing / indicator and bumper. Also bent track rod causing interesting steering possibilities. A quick wheel change and we continued to cave. Havign had enuf excitment today, we decided that the howling wind and associated rainstorm were too evil to contemplate changing so drove to the pub!!


We did go for a walk afterwards though. Then back to the pub. And another pub and a kebbab and pizza place.