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Present: Al, Gwyn, Melanie, Hannah

After only short delays due to the weather and teasing Hannah about not knowing her local caves, we entered through Giants Hole Main Entrance. Walked along easy passage (no crawling, horray!) to Garlands Pot, nice easy ladder through a bit of a waterfall. Went into Crabwalk, the name realy is descriptive, you walk along but its not wide enough to go forwards so you walk sideways.

Included interesting moments such as the Vice, a vertical squeeze which some had fun passing; Razor Edge Cascade free climbable (I found it hard) and Comic Pot Casscade with a solid ladder and a waterfall trying to soak the back of your neck and push you off the ladder. At the bottom of this we decided we’d had enough and went back out the same way. Interedtingly enough the vice was much easier in reverse.

Nice cave, but would not have been fun if there had been more water. It needs to stop raining!