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Present: Al, Jenny

We went caving at night, but we didn’t have a permit and even if we did you are probably not supposed to camp anyway – so I cant tell you where we went.

It was nice walking across a hill and there was a very bright moon. We then took the M60 towards Stockport, but reached a large dry area first, we made our camp here. There where lots of scary noises in the night (possibly a new Dragon species). We awoke bright and early and paid a quick visit to India, and then a big river. We returned the same way ‘cos we had no dragons to pre rig anything else, or to derig our ladder for us. Outside was very nice and sunny and the walk back was nice and dry (the water was all frozen). Then we went to Bernies which was also good! I think we have practiced sleeping enough now to camp over Xmas.


PS. Can you work out which cave it was then?????