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Present: Al, Gwyn, Natalie, Melanie, Gary, Daniel, Hannah, and (later) Duncan

We sprung up far too early (well some of us sprung, others had to be prised with tea or coffee) and had breakfast. Madly dashed across to the TSG hut so we could make the 9:30am start time for Peak Cavern. When we got there with 10 mins to change we were told the water level was too high and Peak was out of the question. Bloody rain.

After consuming large amounts of tea decided our only option was a show cave, and settled on Blue John caverns. So we went for a short walk to look at Peak Entrance. Went back to TSG where Al, Gwyn, Natalie and Duncan started doing traditional activities such as table traversing and sqeezing through chairs, car fan belts and whatever else was around. Went to see Blue Johns Caverns. Its a show cave, it was easy. Went to pub and then back to Hannahs Mum’s house. Big thankyou to Hannah’s Mum to putting us up for the weekend.