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Present: Jenny, Al, Teacher, Natalie

Decided to make use of our Hurnell Moss permit rather than go somewhere longer and deeper on the grounds that it was nice and short and we should therefore get back to Durham comfortably before midnight. Didn’t get up until 10 am, then had to go and extract my car from its unconventional parking place (eventually achieved with the aid of some Red Rose muscle and no apparent damage). Then we had to sort out the gear, drive to Clapham, walk up the hill etc etc, all of which conspired to keep us on the surface until about 4:30pm when the sun was just thinking of setting. Had to break our way into the cave since the entrance was partially obscured by icicles, and it cant be said that heat stroke was a major health hazard on our way to the cave.

Thereafter Jenny rigged efficiently and well, and didn’t witter very much about the silly traverse, and we all bombed down the suitably impressive big pitch (which was nearly dry). Much scrotting around in the boulder pile at the bottom failed to yeild enough M8s to safely rig the last pitch, so we lost interest fairly quickly and headed out.

A good little trip to round off a fine weekend (our last trip for a while by the looks of things since the country is now riddled with Foot and Mouth and the Dales pretty much shut down completely over the course of the following week)

Made it to the pizza place in Ingleton before it shut at 10pm then wandered back to Durham, making it back to Durham at about 12:30 in my case. For DUSA to make it home before midnight would clearly violate some fundamental law of the universe.