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Present: Al, Nat, Jenny, Gary

I am not sure I should be writing this because I haven’t got a beard. However, neither has anybody else on this trip. We left Melanie and Tom to play in my car, and walked up to a cave past some rabbits and a dead good skeleton. Bypassed first entrance ‘cos it was full of water. Went in second instead. Inside the cave was dead good. Lots of rocks and wet bits. Jenny didn’t see a dragon. We did see lots of worms when we got to the sump, at which point Jenny very bravely ran away. We also crawled through a bit called the rabbit warren, but we didn’t see any rabbits. Maybe the worms had eaten them all. That would also explain the empty caver free pair of boots we found in the same place. Be very afraid. The rest of the cave was nice with only one or two crawly bits. Oh yeah, also there was a hole monster which ate Al and myself. But it didn’t like us ‘cos it spat us out again. Natalie was also very brave. When we got back to the entrance I got out and the others went downstream where their ghosts can still be seen to this very day.

P.S. Al drives like a Scottish psychopath DON’T go in his car.

Gary Lorrison

Just before we got to the campsite Al overtook Gary (we waved out the window at them but they didn’t see us) then 1 mile later we got to the ‘campsite’ and stopped Gary then drove past so we beeped and flashed at them a lot. This made Gary drive fast to get away! From our driving he thought it could possibly have been Al, but was probably a manic Scottish psychopath and so he needed to escape…