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Present: Jenny, Chris, Richard, Mehmet, Al, (Martin walking)

Will someone else please write trip reports or they’ll all be like this: We went down after admiring the scenery of dark clouds and trickle of water in the beck, but it was ok, ‘cos the forecast said it wasn’t going to rain. Then it rained, and the forecast changed to some showers. The sky looked to disagree and frowned theatrically. The tight bendy bits have got bigger and easier. After everyone walked across the traverse to the second pitch, some more water sneaked down the wet route, but no-one was sure (except Al who is great and knows everything), so we carried on. At the bottom of the fourth pitch it was decidedly wetter and the consensus was to go home, not passing go ad not collecting £200. Al and Mehmet valiantly let the others de-rig and shot off out. The bendy bits near the entrance were navigated to a crescendo of aqueous delight. ‘My my’ said Al on seeing the rapidly flowing beck which had evidently filled the pool by the cave to the ‘maximum – do not fill above this point’ level some time before, and had leaked. After making sure the level wasn’t rising anymore and there was little risk to the others we walked back in thick fog. Sometime later, we went to din the rest of the party who had navigated across the moor on Richards emergency whistle-come-compass, and Jenny’s suprisignly accurate memory of the map. Hurrah, I’ve filled the page after all, except for some picture space.